OREO 'How Big You Wonder'

AGENCY: The Martin Agency

A little OREO Mini rolling and racing and dancing and flying through a Wonderfilled world with CHROMEO! as the soundtrack? Ha! I was half way through the storyboard by the time they finished that sentence. Jk, not really, but I was all in for sure.

OREO 'How Big You Wonder' is a :30 fully animated 3D spot created to introduce the OREO Mini into the Wonderfilled campaign. The piece features a multitude of super fun environments with tricky transitions leading us from place to place. It was my intention to create a relatable story, something we could all dream of in our most wildly imaginative fantasies.

I had a blast working on this one. Probably due to the fact that I got to build the story from the ground up, concepting the storyline, the shots, the transition and shaping each world into a seamless lucid sequence of Wonder. Materials and forms reference ceramic in a "leather-hard" state, the step before the clay hardens into what will become it's final form. Scenes reference the evolution of our dreams as they evolve from childhood breakfasts at the kitchen table to adult aspirations of celebrity.

It was a hard push, getting everything I had hoped into the piece, but the effort was well worth it. I couldn't be happier with the final result and to this day, with over 5 MILLION! views, I'm guessing the world loves it too!

Process Video