OREO 'Mel's Mini Mini Mart'

AGENCY: The MArtin Agency

When I first saw the script for Mel’s Mini Mini Mart, I was immediately sold. A live action production in this style would be a big leap following the recent success of the Wonderfilled Campaign, but still,  it had to be made. I didn’t want to risk potentially getting the concept shot down if the client couldn’t "see it", so the decision was made to shoot a complete spec film in order to sell the concept. I partnered with another director, Brig White, who had experience working with the OREO client. We put together our ideas, built out a shot list, scouted a couple of local fields, and the final step: we built the most amazing little mini mart I'd even seen. Then one cold winter weekend, we shot the spec film. It was a bit of a risk, putting so much work into an unapproved concept, but it paid off. Long story short, they bought it, and we started the production of what would become the official version of Mel’s Mini Mini Mart.

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The Spec Spot

Building the Mart

The original Mini Mart set, shown below on the left, was constructed in just two nights for the spec version of the piece. Two nights that were well worth the effort, as this rough cut ultimately won us the job (and the funding) to recreate it the way we had always imagined. On the right, you can see the final Mel's Mini Mini Mart set. Having the opportunity to create a test version followed by a more refined model allowed us to identify and fine-tune the details, adding to the romance of the piece.

Behind the scenes

I couldn't be happier with the amazing crew that came together right here in Richmond. Mel's has unique props and an incredibly detailed build of both the internal and external spaces around the mart. Not to mention an epic shot list to cover all of our potential client requests for a two-minute short film about their product. Ultimately, we were able to pull it off in three long but incredibly well-managed days of shooting.